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Our Services

We can assist in all areas of  YOUR business:

  • Social Media - the what, when and how

  • Create for YOU inspiring, eye catching graphics or teach you how to do your own

  • Newsletters - create and manage

  • Squarespace websites - need a website? we create and/or teach you how to manage your website

  • Office system setup or re-organisation - feeling stressed by the amount of paper work? we will sort that out and help you find the wood for the trees

  • Events - planning and management

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Savvy Workshops & One on One training

We offer a number of workshops or one on one training and up-skilling.

Such as:

  • Effective business practices: improve your systems and processes

  • Under Pressure? Strategies for Success

We make sure you've got the right systems and practices in place to ensure you and your business flourishes.

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Savvy Business tips

We will regularly search out relevant topics that will help you.  Instead of  spending your time trawling the internet for a 'how to,' we will have a one stop reference shop for you.

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Our Business is your Business

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We take the stress out of small business ownership and help give you your time back, by providing cost effective and streamlined solutions.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”— Dr Seuss


Moments are always coming and going, so it’s sometimes hard to tell how important a moment is until it has passed. They say hindsight is 20/20 and that’s because as you go through life it becomes clear which moments shape your life and which ones don’t. Some big moments are easy to see the value of, while others might not seem important at the time, but later you’ll find out that’s when everything changed.


Our non negotiable goal !